About Me

My name is Andrew Ritenour and I am an undergraduate Music Education student at Grove City College, PA with a concentration in Tuba/Euphonium. At Grove City, I am active in many performing ensembles including the Grove City College Wolverine Marching Band, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Touring Choir, and two brass quintets. I have had opportunities to serve in leadership positions while at Grove City. I currently serve as the president of the 160+ member Wolverine Marching Band and have served as a librarian in the past.

I have also been given multiple opportunities to gain experience in the music education field. I currently serve as a summer lesson instructor to students from grades 4-12 in the Somerset Area School District, and also work as the Brass Instructor for the SASD Golden Eagle Marching Band.

Various professional organizations I belong to include: MENC – The National Association for Music Education; PCMEA (Pennsylvania Collegiate Music Education Association); Kappa Delta Pi – International Education Honors Society

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About the Site

I obviously feel that music is a vital part of any well-rounded education. As a person who is preparing to teach music in a few years, I felt that it would be great to be able to hold discussions with others going into this field. I think it is important for us as students to talk about the profession we will soon be a part of. There are alot of ideas that are covered in an undergrad Music Education program. So I made this blog as an opportunity to discuss these, introduce pros and cons, and even alternatives! There are changes constantly being made in both the education and music fields, especially with the amazing strides being made by technology. So this is also an opportunity for undergrads to talk about things that they are learning. Also it is a chance to discuss things that might not be covered in a class. That being said, feel free to comment on anything here, and join in the discussion!

In addition to FutureMusicEducators.Net, I also serve as a co-editor of MusicEdMajor.Net – you can read some more of my stuff, and many other great articles there!